Clothing Gallery

MAMA JAJA is not a factory. The clothes are a work of art, all hand made by me, Jaja. You will never see another child wearing what your child is wearing. Every Piece is unique and one of a kind. None of my clothes are gender specific they would look fabulous whether you have a boy or Girl.

MAMA JAJA fully understands the difficulty of dressing a Screaming toddler. That's why all the clothes are easy to put on and off. They are designed with no more than three functional buttons and mostly pullover shirts. Zipper inseam pant are used instead of snaps, which makes diaper changing much more pleasant.

All clothes are loosely intended for children age 1 to 3. Feel free to contact me directly regarding clothes beyond this age range.

Zebra's Love

Sizes 2T-3T

Brown Gold Rock n' Roll

Sizes 2T-3T

Candy Can Twist

available in green, yellow, and orange

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